A Poem

Die Zerreißen |The Tear


He crosses his legs and uncrosses them again quickly because it is uncomfortable and he thinks we're looking he should know by now that no one looks at anyone on this train as we have too much work and focus on the things that have always mattered to a man such as birthday cards and hot dinner cooked in the real kitchen of a real house sitting on an edge or to an angle resting all upon one side in an almost debonair way as if he was in control of everything a train does and where it leads us isn't certain yet and its not as if we'll all go together but it pays a man to think of life in parts rather than in pennies or in frames as this is not the movie he plays unending under his hat an entire production pouring behind his eyes but as always time our train tears to a halt because we've run out and cannot finish what we started



Ernstroda, Germany

Copyright Kristof Bernhardt (2014)