There must be someone else.


Put simply, the inception of this odd site rose from a very real understanding of essentially, feeling alien on your own planet. More than this, its creation was triggered by an assurance that brilliant minds were dotted all over the expanse of this planet, feeling lost in a crowd of 7.1Billion, drowning in the endless creations of their own soul. For the sake of such human beings, Deep Space now exists, to accommodate and liberate, by simultaneously offering a platform for excellent thought and forum for excellent thinkers so that these new minds and ideas might reach out across the space-like matrix we call internet to finally meet, and engage in possibly the most progressive way yet to be experienced . The only culture here, is the practice, exhibition and innovation, not just of the seven classical, but of all arts which liberate. Deep Space lives to be not just another dark corner of the web, but a dimension all its own with an ever-expanding universe of people and ideas, to inspire as the home of thinking out loud.

Everybody has questions.

While this is foremost a hub for creatives, it’s understood that such minds can often wander, for what feels like forever through the twisted monotony of every day before something ignites a spark within them. This is why Deep Space also encourages those yet to create their masterpiece or have that epic brainwave, to suspend indifference and participate in as much content as possible. This creates chances of connecting with like-minds, making a self-discovery or a hit of inspiration. This site is, beyond all, for anyone who examines life and searches out meaning no matter how little you know, have or feel.


Like you, Deep Space remains alive to the volatility of this seminal stage in human history, and because of this, implores that you accept nothing but that, in whatever capacity, examine every area of modern life and always keep in mind those tribulations which go unheard. We don’t know how long this site will exist, but while it does, let all of life be up for contemplation.


                                                       Stars and constellations,

                                                       are distant concerns

                                                       But before a flower fades,

                                                       what on earth can it learn?

                                                       Lost and alone

                                                       now add sincere,

                                                       the deepest space lies

                                                       between the two ears.  


Copyright D.M.O 2013